Blockchain Community India have developed its own unique UPI wallet payment gateway. This is unique in the sense that it allows its user to make offline payments as well. Apart from this as its supported by technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Hence it has got all good features of AI and Blockchain like security, predictability and many more.

Blockchain Community India UPI Wallet – An introduction

This wallet is one of the safest and most secure digital currency wallet that is being developed by Blockchain Community India. Its helps in online and offline transactions in form of digital transactions.

About Blockchain Community India

Blockchain Community India is a conglomerate of technocrats and business domain experts who have come together to explore the entrepreneurial setup related to modern age technologies – Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. These two technologies will play a major role in digital transformation of the world around human being. On one hand while Blockchain brings a secure and transparent manner to transact and communicate in digital world, Artificial Intelligence will help human beings with processing huge amount of data being extracted by connected world and bring out information from this raw data.

Features of Blockchain Community India UPI Wallet

Most Secure UPI Wallet

Each transaction on this platform is recorded in form of a public ledger or in form of a blockchain, hence you don’t have to worry about the authentication of the transaction and the person with whom you are dealing with. Apart from this, all KYC details of that person are also synced into the Bitkart database before they can transact on this platform like live banking system works. Hence no frauds are possible on this centralized system.

Transactor is public with this UPI wallet.

All the blockchain transactions on this public ledger are maintained and authenticated in form of a blockchain. Hence no one could preferably ack this system. The information shared on this system is so managed that a normal person can track it and it automatically populates the most popular peer to peer exchange using clone scripts.

You can transact from anywhere with this UPI Wallet

This UPI wallet helps you transact anywhere in India in both online and offline mode. Like in terms of lockdown you wouldn’t feel safe to go out and take our money, you would still be able to transact with this UPI Wallet. At many instances our phone internet doesn’t work due to shop being in basement or in some remote areas. Then also, you could transact through this wallet in its offline mode. This is one of the best feature of this wallet.

Ensures Complete Privacy

This UPI Wallet ensures complete privacy of its uses as it do not rely on any third-party operator like other flat money transactors do. The software of this app helps you get in contact with the buyer of seller and transaction takes place directly between two peers. Also, no one could intentionally or unintentionally steak your fiat currency while you are transacting over this app.

How Blockchain Technology is implemented with this wallet?

This UPI Wallet uses advance blockchain technology to help authenticate the peers on its platform before you start the transaction. It thus helps avoid any kind of double spending on the platform. A peer in absence of a technology like block chain could sell the digital money to two or more peers at the same time. However, blockchain introduces the ledger like functionality into the platform which authenticates the peer and the books the transaction with double entry or debiting the account of sender and crediting the account of receiver like normal banks do.

How you could be part of this blockchain community India’s growth through this UPI wallet.

Blockchain community India have developed a unique way to help people grow with its community. Anybody can be part of this growing company is through their wallet. You simply must deposit the amount into their wallet and earn interest in this deposited amount. While the amount is still available for you to spend through their wallet at any retail store. So, you can also become their partner without investing a single rupee into their venture, simply by downloading and using their wallet.