Logistics and Transportation is going through a disruptive change due to introduction of evolving technologies like IoT, AI, ML and Blockchain. Logistic was the first use case, being manager’s favorite topic to be used for this purpose. Also, the flow of information in this world would bring in best kind of information and value for the operations. This new world of transportation would be soon all automated and optimized. They would think like managers do and would be capable of taking best decisions on their own.

How Blockchain is helping in transforming Transportations?

Blockchain is a ledger system which removes a centralized authority to control the flow and access of data. This introduces a system whereeveryauthorized person have access to data so that data could not be tampered by others in the node as the copies of it lies with others as well in the network so if one node tries to change it , it will not match with other original copies that are in the system. In transportation field this kind of transparency could be helpful as it has multiple number of partners and this kind of secure flow of data can help save millions of dollars every year that is lost due to unavailability of information that is authentic and correct. Blockchain will allow the information to be read based on bar code which cannot be tampered in the value chain and can be read and written over only by one who is authorized to do so.

How AI is helping in blossoming the Transportation Systems?

AI is primarily useful in the world of transportation in order to help predict the systems and information. There is a huge amount of data available in world of transportation that is getting accumulated at every point. For human its next to impossible to process this unstructured form of data on their own and with AI, you can get it processed. A lot of data that a human would take hours or days to process on their own ill now be processed in few seconds with use of AI. AI will help process data and derive information like human brains would do. That’s how it will help manage best route for the transportation, optimized level of inventory to be maintained and at what price they should buy the inventory so that they get the best rates.

Introduction of Drones

One of the key miracle of these technologies would be drones that would disrupt the world of delivery and transportation. We would not require fleets of trucks and humans to deliver items. Now drones empowered by security of blockchain and intelligence of AI would be used to deliver simple items like food and other items that you buy as daily needs. This is nothing new, there are various demonstrations already done in this area and only mass implementation is pending. It will be a conglomerate of all modern technologies that would help create a secure and automated world of transportation, thus helping a lot of business candidates to avoid losses that was before due to non-availability of right resources and information.