Blockchain & Ai Technology – BLOCKCHAIN & AI BASED RESTRO CHAIN


Blockchain and AI and Restaurants

Restaurant business is far ahead of accepting the digital currencies and adopting newfound technologies like Blockchain and AI to flourish into their business. Almost 30 percent of the restaurants in California now accept digital currencies, thus helping this market thrive. Though there are not too many benefits of this technology yet but one thing for sure that this provides is freedom from transaction fee which is a norm with legacy banking systems that handles the flat currency. Blockchain on one end where provides a secure and ledger like system to authenticate the restaurant business related transactions, AI on other hand with Blockchain is helping the restaurants make better decisions about their business and thus increasing their probability of forecasting and predictability into their business.

Blockchain and AI and Supply Chain Sourcing for Restaurants

Blockchain and AI together are going to transform the way we source our food related raw material in restaurant business. Every year almost billions of dollars are lost due to lack of supply chain predictions. However, with everything connected via Blockchain and AI, we will have more intelligence to procure the food items on right time and at optimized prices. The systems will use blockchain to authenticate and store supply chain related information and then will use this unstructured data to predict the supply chain related information using Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain and AI and Restaurant Financials

With e payments and wallets already, restaurants have moved to online format of payments however these technologies are though convenient comes with a surcharge ranging from 2% to 5% of total billed amount. Blockchain however allows restaurant owners to charge their customers without any sort of charges levied for the transactions. Apart from this, with Blockchain, the money is transferred instantly instead of when it comes to other online format of flat currency, restaurant owners must wait for at least 2 to 3 days before they could get the money into their account due to authentication issues. Blockchain is a far superior technology that promises, a better and more secure environment where privacy breech is next to impossible, whether its intentionally or unintentionally. Also, more innovative technologies like IOTA and RaiBlocks are being introduced under Blockchain to make payments more convenient using this technology.

Blockchain and AI and Food Quality

Around forty-billion-dollar business is lost due to food fraud every year in restaurant business. To cater to this many technological companies are coming up with a Blockchain based tracking technology which starts right when the crops are implanted in the farms. This starts by recording the environment in which the crops are being grown and then continues to record all the information as food travels from factory to storage to various vendors. This also keeps a record of batch information of the food to its expiration dates, thus maintaining the total transparency of the food item.

Though Blockchain and AI are evolving technology and still there is a long way to go but they are sure some proven path breaking technologies that restaurant owners are adopting as frontrunners. Sure, to keep a check in this area to check what’s new that is coming in.