Blockchain and Meeting Points

Blockchain is a technology that introduces a secure system into any of your software product. Virtual assistants are nothing new, but blockchain defines a whole new level to it. Especially during meetings when your own assistant might face challenges in copying the things that you or other might be saying due to her lack of same level of competence, a virtual software based assistant would be ideal to have to note down all meeting points that are being discussed in the meeting, without anyone even have to care about its legitimacy. However, the endurance of that software-based assistant might be challenged as it might get changed or tampered if controlled by one or more central authority. Here Blockchain comes into play where it would create the meeting points and float it across the members, each having access. So now everyone has a copy of the meeting points and no one could change it or tamper it. This is especially Important in big companies where most important decisions are taken in these meetings and if we don’t have our meeting points in place then, it would be difficult to provide proof of what was discussed and agreed in the meeting.

AI on other hand is the technology that would help creating this virtual assistant. The latest technologies which respond to voice commands like Alexa and google home all are AI based. Similarly, AI will help us create a world class virtual assistant who knows what is being said in the meeting and in what context. They can think like the people in the meeting, irrespective of their culture or their educational backgrounds.

Why Blockchain?

Reduces Cost

Blockchain helps in reducing overall cost that may come with that task while you need to hire a assistant and pay them off. Blockchain on other hand would be a one-time cost that you need to pay off to organize and automate your meetings.

Increases Speed

With enhanced speed and accuracy, a blockchain and AI based assistant would not require any sort of training. They come with trained data and would just require few initial assistant and quality checks before you could start off with them in your high-profile meetings. This thus helps you save training costs as well in long run. Plus, AI based virtual assistant would learn about its environment with time and would adapt to it as well.

Enhanced Security

Blockchain introduces enhanced aspect of security as well. With enhanced security, you will not have to worry about any central authority tampering the information or meeting points as discussed in the meeting. This Blockchain and AI based meeting points recorder can distribute the meeting points with all members through its ledger system and thus no one could change it afterwards as everyone have the original copy of meeting points with them.

Reduces Risks of single point failure

Also due to this distributed ledger system, the meeting points cannot be lost, as even when one person loses it, it is always in the system with other nodes having a copy of it.