BITKART – Your One Stop Destination for Peer to Peer Transactions

About Bitkart

Bitkart is one of safest and most trusted place to buy or sell your digital currency. Especially for Indian Community. You can easily transact your USD to INR. The app is trustworthy and easy to use and very secure. It allows secure peer to peer transaction in a user-friendly environment. Buying and selling the fiat currency was never so easy, fast and profitable.

Features of Bitkart

Feel secure and safe

Each transaction on this platform is recorded in form of a public ledger or in form of a blockchain, hence you don’t have to worry about the authentication of the transaction and the person with whom you are dealing with. Apart from this, all KYC details of that person are also synced into the Bitkart database before they can transact on this platform like live banking system works. Hence no frauds are possible on this centralized system.

Censorship in transactions

All the blockchain transactions on this public ledger are maintained and authenticated in form of a blockchain. Hence no one could preferably ack this system. The information shared on this system is so managed that a normal person cannot track it and it automatically populates the most popular peer to peer exchange using clone scripts.

You can transact from anywhere with Bitkart

This app works almost from anywhere in the world as it transacts in form of digital money instead of flat money which could otherwise take several days before you could have it in your hands. Hence it allows people across the world to use P2P system. Even nations across the world who are not otherwise authorized to use digital currency can make use of this system to transact their money.

Ensures Complete Privacy

Bitkart ensures complete privacy of its uses as it do not rely on any third-party operator like other flat money transactors do. The software of this app helps you get in contact with the buyer of seller and transaction takes place directly between two peers. Also, no one could intentionally or unintentionally steak your fiat currency while you are transacting over this app.

How Blockchain is enhancing the functioning of Bitkart?

Bitkart uses advance blockchain technology to help authenticate the peers on its platform before you start the transaction. It thus helps avoid any kind of double spending on the platform. A peer in absence of a technology like block chain could sell the digital money to two or more peers at the same time. However, blockchain introduces the ledger like functionality into the platform which authenticates the peer and the books the transaction with double entry or debiting the account of sender and crediting the account of receiver like normal banks do.

How AI will be implemented to help Bitkart users?

Artificial Intelligence is a new technology which interprets the unstructured data to incense the information like humans do. Hence there is a lot of peer to peer transactions going on this platform. Artificial Intelligence will help the customers to see the most popular and safe peers to transact the money and also later it can imbibe the market knowledge to tell you what is the most optimum time to transact or exchange your dollars to make most out of it.