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BCI Invites Its Core Members For An Exclusive Five Days Intensive Training Program

5 Days Fun-filled workshop along with business discussions session organized exclusively for the core members of BCI.

BCI which is a pioneer in introducing advanced technology like blockchain and AI to traditional businesses is organizing a special workshop for its core members, where they can conduct an elaborate discussion on the progress BCI has made in the last 1.5 years along with the roadmap the community can plan for the next 2-5 years considering these pandemic times.

This intensive training will help key members to build a stronger bond as well as share their practical experience on the use of advanced technology like blockchain and Artificial intelligence in their respective industries. The platform will also assist them to analyze the journey of BCI in its last 1.5 years and mutually decide on the growth path of BCI in the coming 2-3 years. 

The 5 days training not only includes discussions but the itinerary also includes one day trip to Jaipur’s major attraction on 17th August, fun activities on Independence day followed by a dinner outing in famous Choki Dani, and last day I,e 21st August, BCI plans to take its team to Nainital where the core members will plan on the future strategy for BCI.

For participation, the members can purchase the ticket through our website.

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