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BCI Community another Partnership Event in Novotel Hotel Ahmedabad Gujrat

Blockchain Community India, which is a unique platform for merging traditional businesses with latest technologies had recently organized a knowledge-based partnership event in the business city, Ahmedabad, Gujrat. 


BCI which is revolutionizing the working of traditional businesses and joining them to the bigger movement of Blockchain and AI saw a great response from the entrepreneurs in Gujrat. The event was with collaboration with ‘Franchise Apply.comÂ’ which is 20-year-old enterprise supporting entrepreneurs with the business development, franchise development, consulting and marketing organized. 


The event was organized to introduce investors with the opportunities BCI brings from them. As BCI community is growing with multiple traditional businesses as there strong success stories, the partners were given a glimpse on the practical growth model using AI & Blockchain. 


Ahmedabad city, which always believes the business is a way of life, saw a huge crowd of innovators, businessmen and people interested in a franchise business. The partner event was a huge success as there were a lot of queries and interest to join in Blockchain community India. While many joined as a partner in the event itself and many had shown interest to understand. 


With great experience for BCI team and Franchise Apply, BCI vowed to do more frequent visits and events in the city this year.


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