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Funding Prospects For Blockchain Startups In India

There has been an increasing trend in Business projects involving Blockchain technology; among many projects, there are many government-operated projects, and others being private ones. Taking advantage of Blockchain's enhanced features, there has been an enormous increase in blockchain startups in India. Some of the primary ones being :

Ezyremit - A blockchain-based fintech platform that concentrates on transforming the remittance market - An open and permissionless protocol for decentralized governance. 

Here it would be notable to mention that Blockchain Community India (BCI) plays a vital role in promoting these businesses. Blockchain Community India owns a unique business model; it is a new generation startup with 11+ traditional businesses focusing on utilizing advanced Blockchain and AI technology.

BCI is India's first decentralized, open-source and borderless community, and with its team of blockchain technologists, partners and investors, it facilitates the funding of multiple Blockchain-based projects.

BCI assists eleven traditional businesses primarily in :

Healthcare sector

Education sector.

Banking and finance sector.

Utility and e-commerce sector.

Hospitality sector.

The information technology sector.

Supply chain sector.

And most importantly, online payments.

There are multiple projects BCI is involved in, such as - Projects involving upcoming e-commerce sites and Bitkart Exchange Currency Converter. Another noteworthy project is online payments, where the companies have initiated a UPI Payment App, which remarkably enables both online and offline payments. 

The uniqueness of Blockchain Technology is that it offers a decentralized system of network and monetization models that are genuinely innovative. All these aspects make a good ground for investors to fund and promote various blockchain-based business projects. And in this scenario, Blockchain Community India (BCI) provides many benefits to its investors and partners.