Vision & Mission

We are on a mission to empower traditional businesses with advance technologies


Blockchain Community India (BCI) is the extensive and significant concept of 21st century. It is the first Decentralised, Open Source & Borderless community of India.

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Blockchain Community India is the start-up of a new generation, which is about to start 11 traditional businesses, but our style of dispensing services and starting a business is distinctive.

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In Blockchain Community India we select 1000 partners who have business-oriented mindset and are foresighted with great vision. These partners promote these 11+ traditional businesses by having full control over their funds.

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Our Mission


  • Establishment of personal and close business relationships between members of the community
  • Representation and advocacy of our common interests
  • Consultation and provision of technical evaluation
  • Hackaton and conference support
  • Establishment of new prospective collaborations, exchange of ideas, technologies and experiences
  • Universal support for young specialists and project teams


Hello We Are The First Decentralized, Open Source & Borderless Community Of India, Who Assured To Dispense Their Service Distinctively And With Unique Motive.

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Blockchain community india is a voluntary borderless community of entrepreneurs, services, experts and blockchain enthusiasts.

Roadmap of BCI

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Frequently Asked Questions

Blockchain technology presents unique benefits of strong security encryptions, unchangeable data and a decentralized platform.

With the onset of a pandemic, businesses must adapt to a secured and reliable technological system. This is where Blockchain technology is seen as the most reliable technology to look forward to and rely upon.

Blockchain Community India is an open-source network that focuses on bringing Blockchain and Artificial intelligence technology together in one platform. The community enables the business owners to interact with the tech-savvy blockchain enthusiast. This enables traditional businesses to get acquainted with, also equip themselves with the right technology for their business growth.

A team of investors along with BCI work on projects, where they can support the business technologically and enable it to provide opportunities for business expansion. This community works on the premise of partnership where all technological challenges faced by business owners are addressed.

Blockchain Community India works on the principle of exchange of ideas, sharing of technological and business experiences and collaboration amongst its members.

The community provides support to both young specialists and project teams to enhance business through hackathon and business conferences all leading to knowledge sharing and supporting business to adapt to technological innovation

Decentralization is one of the key benefits of Blockchain technology, this unique feature has been serving many businesses in the form of a distributed ledger. Blockchain community India utilizes this unique feature of Blockchain technology and oversees the management of its projects.

Blockchain Community India is a decentralized, open-source platform that enables its investors to remain independent decision-maker. These investors are the part of the company’s board where they can make important decisions on their principal amount invested in the projects and also the projects they would like to be associated with.

BCI is one of the few firms in India that has been helping in the development of various projects using Blockchain and AI technologies. There has been a steady flow of projects that BCI is currently working upon involving 11 different domains.

The decentralization aspect of BCI enables partners and investors to focus on leveraging their business while utilizing the benefits of Blockchain and AI technologies.

At the BCI platform all individuals, be it, investors, technical experts or its partners, are equally in the decision-making process and the power is equally distributed among them. Through a robust, cohesive yet decentralized network, the community members can grow their business.

Blockchain Community India is a conglomerate of individuals with business expertise and technology experts who are blockchain enthusiast. This progressive network of like-minded individuals leverages the advantages of modern age technologies – Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

BCI is primarily focused on two revolutionary technologies - Blockchain and AI, both have a strong potential of changing the face of traditional business in India and worldwide. Well equipped with these technologies Blockchain community India is developing itself into a leadership position in the area of traditional business.

Both AI and blockchain technology enable traditional businesses to become efficient, secure and decentralize. The partners of BCI invest in blockchain and AI-based projects involving traditional business and promote these. Thus, contributing strong support to the BCI’s projects and subsequently leading to profit generation through manpower and funds.

BCI has a primary focus on 11 traditional businesses in India, ranging in different domains, and is currently running several projects with the support of investors' funding. The community and its projects have huge scalability in terms of growth and profit-making moreover involving no risk.

The uniqueness of this network is unmatched, unlike other business models, BCI prepares 1000 partners, and these assist in promoting the business.

Blockchain Community India is a unique network of technologists and businessmen who together explore the possibilities of entrepreneurial setup by leveraging Artificial intelligence and Blockchain technologies.

Essentially, BCI is managed by a team of technical experts who test the technical feasibility of different projects. Also with its business domain experts, BCI checks the business feasibility of projects. It assesses reliability in generating interest on the investments made by its various investors.

BCI assists eleven traditional businesses primarily in :

  • Healthcare sector,
  • Education sector,
  • Banking and finance sector,
  • Utility and e-commerce sector,
  • Hospitality sector,
  • The information technology sector,
  • Supply chain sector,
  • And most importantly facilitating online payments,

Blockchain enthusiasts - technical experts are a part of BCI comprehensive network who supports these businesses to be a leader in their industries. These technologists help in developing applications that would increase the operational efficiency of these businesses and also cater to their operational challenges.

With its vision to hold a leadership position in these traditional businesses, by leveraging Blockchain technology, BCI partners with business experts of traditional industries on one hand. On the other hand, engineers at BCI solve technological problems and utilize Blockchain’s unique features such as data security, transparency, and a decentralized platform.

Blockchain Community India is one of its kind community that is borderless, decentralized, and is established in an open-source platform. It provides a strong ground for a perfect match between entrepreneurial minds and technical experts. This not only enables traditional businesses to be efficient but also be transparent and secure.

BCI‌ ‌assists‌ ‌eleven‌ ‌traditional‌ ‌businesses‌ ‌primarily‌ ‌in‌ ‌:‌ ‌

  • Healthcare‌ ‌sector,
  • Education‌ ‌sector,
  • Banking‌ ‌and‌ ‌finance‌ ‌sector,
  • Utility‌ ‌and‌ ‌e-commerce‌ ‌sector,
  • Hospitality‌ ‌sector,
  • The‌ ‌information‌ ‌technology‌ ‌sector,
  • ‌Supply‌ ‌chain‌ ‌sector,
  • And‌ ‌most‌ ‌importantly‌ ‌online‌ ‌payments,

Blockchain Community India is focused on revamping the traditional business models, making it future ready through Blockchain and AI based technology.

There are multiple projects BCI is involved in for example :

Projects involving upcoming e-commerce sites or already in operation e-commerce sites.

Bitkart Exchange Currency Converter. Another striking project is on online payments, where the company has initiated an UPI Payment App, which remarkably enables both online and offline payments through it. Thus providing both security and ease of transaction that can be carried out even in the absence of the internet.

Blockchain community India is the first decentralized, open-source & borderless community in India. It provides a unique opportunity for investors and partners to interact and support each other. It allows all the individuals involved to make the maximum utilization of its close network comprising of technology-savvy experts and individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset.

The company selects 1000 partners who have strong business acumen and are farsighted. A partner of BCI can do investment in digital assets while keeping control of their principal amount. It's the profit from the digital assets that partners need to further invest in promoting 11 traditional businesses.

These traditional businesses are further supported by new technologies such as AI and Blockchain to further grow.

One can take the partnership between Rs. 2 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs, and can keep Rs. 2 lakh with them as BCI allows its partners to have full control of their funds.

Blockchain Community India being the first decentralized open-source community of India, where the partners don’t have to give money to anyone. It is with the profits that the partners can start investing in different traditional businesses, and blockchain community India assist these partners in starting their business with assured profits.

Blockchain Community India owns a unique business model, it is a start-up of a new generation, with 11+ traditional businesses in focus. All these 11+ projects are under advanced blockchain and AI technology.

BCI is undoubtedly being India’s most successful business community as it provides a wide array of benefits to its investors and partners, such as exceptional security, trust, operational efficiency, seamless transactions. It modernizes the way the business chain is being managed and operated.

Unlike other business models, BCI provides its investors and partners complete control over their funds and principal amount. One can own 11+ traditional projects or become partners with them without investing a rupee. This kind of security and autonomy is rarely to be seen in other businesses.

The traditional projects that BCI caters to are from various industries such as healthcare business, hospitals, education, banking and finance, utility and e-commerce, and also related to online payments popularly known as a payment gateway. The partners can invest and reinvest their profits in the different projects by keeping their principal amount safe

Indeed, the use of Blockchain technology can be seen in the government sector as well. This new-age technology will be soon globally demanded.

An open-source community, Blockchain Community India has enabled doing business in India without investment a reality.

BCI, a borderless, decentralized community with a unique blend of blockchain enthusiasts and businessmen, who work together to create a system where businesses can grow.

Unlike other business models, BCI provides its investors and partners with complete control over their funds. One can own 11+ traditional projects or become partners with them without investing. They can invest and reinvest their profits in projects to expand their business. The business through this model is totally secure as there is no investment of the principal amount.


Here are the pool of resources to help you understand the industry and our community better

18 Aug

Is Blockchain Technology Really the Future of the Internet

The internet, coupled with technological innovations, has changed the way humans interact, data are stored, and businesses operate. Blockchain technology is one such innovation that holds the key to a complete turnaround in business operations function. Blockchain provides a secure platform for the long-term growth of many business applications through its cloud-based storage system, including cryptocurrencies, as highlighted by Blockchain Community India (BCI).In Blockchain technology, blocks represent a structural and functional unit; and each block olds data, the hashed value of the last block, and the hashed value of the present block. Each block is linked together, forming a chain. The change of data in any of the blocks changes the hashed value. Hence its It’s challenging to change the digital data stored in the blockchain framework because to tamper with the network, one must modify information in the whole chain. This unique security feature enables the unchangeability of written data on the blocks and thus makes blockchain technology the most sought-after technology.   The security advantage of blockchain is so strong that all digital transactions, including financial transactions such as cryptocurrency, are done with utmost transparency and hassle-free.Apart from providing a secure network of digital data transfer and its robust storage, its offered other benefits such as:Data Transparency: Blockchain technology provides a transparent history of data, not just the current data. Each digital entry in the blockchain network is time-stamped and is easily accessible for viewing by its users.A Decentralized System - In blockchain technology, there is no single point of control; the copies of the encrypted data are available in every node and are accessible to the users. Owing to its benefits of providing security, flexibility, ease of data transfer, transparency, Blockchain technology has become the future of the internet with its use in various industries.  
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9 Aug

Funding Prospects For Blockchain Startups In India

There has been an increasing trend in Business projects involving Blockchain technology; among many projects, there are many government-operated projects, and others being private ones. Taking advantage of Blockchain’s enhanced features, there has been an enormous increase in blockchain startups in India. Some of the primary ones being :Ezyremit - A blockchain-based fintech platform that concentrates on transforming the remittance - An open and permissionless protocol for decentralized governance. Here it would be notable to mention that Blockchain Community India (BCI) plays a vital role in promoting these businesses. Blockchain Community India owns a unique business model; it is a new generation startup with 11+ traditional businesses focusing on utilizing advanced Blockchain and AI technology.BCI is India’s first decentralized, open-source and borderless community, and with its team of blockchain technologists, partners and investors, it facilitates the funding of multiple Blockchain-based projects.BCI assists eleven traditional businesses primarily in :Healthcare sectorEducation sector.Banking and finance sector.Utility and e-commerce sector.Hospitality sector.The information technology sector.Supply chain sector.And most importantly, online payments.There are multiple projects BCI is involved in, such as - Projects involving upcoming e-commerce sites and Bitkart Exchange Currency Converter. Another noteworthy project is online payments, where the companies have initiated a UPI Payment App, which remarkably enables both online and offline payments. The uniqueness of Blockchain Technology is that it offers a decentralized system of network and monetization models that are genuinely innovative. All these aspects make a good ground for investors to fund and promote various blockchain-based business projects. And in this scenario, Blockchain Community India (BCI) provides many benefits to its investors and partners.
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7 Jul

How Secure Is Blockchain Technology

Security is the prime concern and focus of enterprises doing business of any kind. By using blockchain technology, the business can expect a firm line of defence against hacking. The increased popularity of cryptocurrency and the growing demand for digital security blockchain technology has come to the forefront.  Popularly seen as a distributed ledger technology, its distinct advantage of providing security can be found beyond cryptocurrency.  An important question that most of the business might ask - How does blockchain technology provide the best security to businesses? Blockchain is a decentralised or distributed ledger connected to a host of independent systems popularly known as nodes.  All the transactions that take place through this technology are tracked, time-stamped and are unchangeable. The nodes that spread across the decentralised blockchain system organises new information or data into blocks and binds them together. The key highlight is that no one can alter or delete data on blocks created earlier as the network of blocks can only be added further to the chain.This security feature of blockchain is further strengthened when more people join the blockchain network. Through increased participating nodes, people on the network can cross-check each other's activity within the network. Blockchain Community India supports this cause through its community of technologist and like-minded investors and partners who promote blockchain-based projects for 11+ traditional business.In today’s time, there are various ways this technology offers benefits to the business in terms of security, such as:Digital privacy Tamperproof recordsSecure transactionData security Sequential Recording of the transactionProviding both security and privacy is nearly not possible in any other information technology. However, in blockchain technology, one can get the advantage of both security and privacy. As the nodes in the blockchain network are distributed and making any modification or changes in the blocks is next to impossible. Furthermore, due to its unique encryptions and secure key infrastructure, the entire network becomes secure. Thus Blockchain provides confidentiality and trust of security. The security provided by Blockchain is robust; this is because, in its network, the data blocks are encrypted that can successfully help fight against cybercrimes. Any attempt to modify the data can be easily noticed and pinpointed. It has all the critical elements of being safe as it has secure design, effective workflow design and a solid architectural design that makes it a strong network and platform. All the business sectors, including traditional business and primarily the financial sector, look forward to technological innovation while ensuring that the security of their consumer data, business financial data would remain their top priority. Blockchain technology integrates the regulatory framework and design that can take care of this priority.Blockchain technology is transforming the way businesses are done today by allowing decentralisation which further reduces costs and increases efficiency. It provides its users with a range of benefits in terms of security. For example, users can store their private keys and protect themselves from phishing emails, leading to a significant loss of personal information.Blockchain community India (BCI), India’s leading blockchain community, has brought about the benefits of this new-age technology to its investors and partners. It's a community that leverages the advantages of blockchain technology and AI to support businesses to grow and become efficient through its strong network of investors, partners and blockchain technologists. 
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