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We are on a mission to empower traditional businesses with advanced technologies


Blockchain Community India (BCI) is the extensive and significant concept of the 21st century. It is the first decentralized, Open Source & a Borderless community of India.

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Blockchain Community India is the start-up of a new generation, which is about to start 11 traditional businesses, but our style of dispensing services and starting a business is distinctive.

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In Block Chain Community India, we select 1000 partners who have business-oriented mindset and are foresighted great vision. These partners promote these 11+ traditional businesses by having full control over their funds.

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Our Mission


  • Establishment of personal and close business relationships between members of the community
  • Representation and advocacy of our common interests
  • Consultation and provision of technical evaluation
  • Hackathon and conference support
  • Establishment of new prospective collaborations, exchange of ideas, technologies and experiences
  • Universal support for young specialists and project teams


Hello, We Are the First Decentralized, Open Source & Borderless Community of India, Who Assured to Dispense Their Service Distinctively and With Unique Motive.

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Blockchain community India is a voluntary borderless community of entrepreneurs, services, experts and blockchain enthusiasts.

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Here is the pool of resources to help you understand the industry and our community better

1 Mar

Indian Government Explores Blockchain Technology for Public Projects

Blockchain technology is set to see a revolution in India as the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has recently shown its interest in Blockchain through a draft, National Strategy on Blockchain. The draft was made after consultation with various stakeholders including academia, industry, and government. The draft primarily focused on bringing Blockchain into multiple services like property record keeping, management of supply chain, record-keeping, managing digital certificates to name a few. A couple of months ago, a blockchain project named Vajra planned by the National Payments Corporation of India for different payment organizations providing secure exchanges on their online stages or mobile applications, which is very similar to what Blockchain Community India's wallet also does. Blockchain Technology works on the distributed ledger systems which means all the records are available to all the people and to make the technology more effective for the government's need they have decided to divide into 4 parts:public and permission less, in this everyone will be allowed to write, edit or view data.  public but with permissions, here only a few people who are authorized will be able to edit.private and permission less, this means that there will be only a few authorized people will be able to check but anyone can access the database. and private and with permissions- only a few will be authorized to edit and view the data.The focus of the government is not limited to bringing the Blockchain technology but also make sure that the systems which are introduced are safe enough to prevent fallacies like copying of data or hacking of the ledgers. The government also emphasized the fact that not many citizens will be equipped to access information on such systems, and hence there is also a need to make the system accessible more easily for which the government should run information campaigns to introduce these systems to a large population of the country.  Communities like Blockchain Community India will also play a great role in informing and bringing Blockchain into daily lives of peopleApart from this, the government is also trying to explore Blockchain in different sectors. The think tank by the government of India Niti Aayog also discussed the possibility of using a blockchain ledger system in the management of state-provided schemes such as the supply of fertilizers for agricultural activities or maintaining records of PDS and a few more. The introduction of blockchain will make record-keeping effective and reduce the red-tapism and discrepancy in the current system. The government in the draft also mentioned the possibility of using the system for the management of vaccines and other medical supplies. The draft mentioned using a ledger system for logistics and refining current systems. Bringing Blockchain technology into the government system is a boom for the country as it will become the source of truth and everyone will be able to see where the government is spending the taxpayer’s money. This will be a big step towards digital India, said the ministry officials. This will also mean that blockchain will be promoted in the country and more organizations will also adopt such systems. This draft has boosted the blockchain industry and the implementation of these recommendations will definitely bring a blockchain revolution to India.
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12 Feb

Blockchain Trends in 2021 - Blockchain Community India

2020 was the year of transformation in businesses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses adopted new and improved technologies to sustain the business in these challenging times and most of these businesses will also retain the new procedures and technologies. In the year 2021, we will see a boom for technologies like Blockchain as they are serving the needs of businesses of the 21st century and Blockchain Community India is the first Blockchain technology based community. Here are the few trends which will see a tremendous adoption from different business houses: 1.     Accelerate Digital Transformation: Adopting digital technologies has become vital in the COVID era and many organizations are going digital. Blockchain technology has become the choice of most of these organizations as it provides a holistic transformation of the business and in 2021 we’ll see many organizations taking up the process of digitization through Blockchain technology. 2.     Building Transparent Systems: One of the important aspects of Blockchain-based storage systems is that all the data is accessible to every person and anyone can use it. This will give organizations a more transparent system. Many new-age startups are using these technologies as they want to build a healthy work culture in the organization. These transparent systems prevent any fraudulent activities and give everyone a sense of ownership. 3.     Increase in the private blockchain: Another pattern we'll notice is that individual blockchains will develop to be the essential supporter of the blockchain market extension and should hold the major market size in 2021. Enterprise blockchain choices are produced and tweaked depending on your corporate's business prerequisites. Individual blockchain gives more opportunities to corporates concerning utilizing the blockchain advancements for business-to-business use examples. They give more effectiveness, protection, reliability, and transparency, and while wellbeing is provided to an individual blockchain using private keys that are known uniquely to approved people in the business.4.     supply chains adopt Blockchain: The sector which has seen tremendous growth in terms of blockchain is the company adopting blockchain in the supply chain functioning. The supply chain is very complex in nature and one of the reasons being limited systems to track all the activities and unnecessary paperwork. But, blockchain solves these problems as it provides a system that is effective, time and cost efficent as well as easy to use. 5.     Growth of non-traditional financial institutions: Another pattern we'll see through 2021, and set off by COVID-19, is that the addition in the measure of unconventional monetary organizations. They'll be set off by a rising number of corporates also the additional clients which are moving more into the online blockchain-based style of exchanges and financial administrations. These classes currently have more non-bank decisions gave by foundations which range from non-bank lenders, to cryptographic money set up banks to totally decentralized monetary (DEFI) suppliers choices.From all the above observations we can say that blockchain technology is booming and it has more potential to grow in different sectors. The financial sector has already been effective in using blockchain and in 2021 we’ll see many diverse sectors adopting it. The rise of blockchain technology will only make the global business atmosphere stronger and many small players will be able to compete. 
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4 Feb

Blockchain Community India – The Growth Partnership

This year has been the most disruptive year in the ages. The year 2020 has shown the business world how businesses can use technology to their competitive advantage and how technology has given client 24*7 access to any service. as with the right kind of technology one can do businesses from anywhere in the world. It is an understatement to say that in the coming year more and more businesses will be using advance technology and will scale up faster than the traditional businesses who are still latching to the old ways. Blockchain Community India is an innovative platform which aims to introduce advance tech like Blockchain and Artificial intelligence into traditional businesses and make them more powerful and equipped toward their ever-growing customers' needs. BCI community is growing fast and is already investing in more than 10 different business and it further looking for different projects from varied industries where they can support entrepreneurs in terms of technology and build better interfaces and bring out more opportunities for the business to grow. One of the most important USP of BCI lies in its concept of introducing knowledge of tech people and instincts of business minds to create an ecosystem where traditional businesses can grow using technology and never grow obsolete.How can anyone become part of the community?           Anyone who believes they can contribute to the business the model can become part of the BCI community with completing a few simple steps.BCI offers a lucrative option to the investor to become the part of the board itself, so there are various positions offered by BCI from team leader to president post. As per the position, there is a fixed investment to made and accordingly. So to become part of the BCI board, you need to hold assets in your wallet.The second option is to join Blockchain Community India via the website and apply for Community Partnership.With these simple steps, now you officially become part of the BCI team and you are further entitled to get benefits in 11+ projects lifetime. Another interesting thing about BCI is that all the investors and partners are equally important in the growth of the business as all of them will be given equal opportunity in the decision-making process. The core team will be there to conduct research about the statistics of different projects and they will equip the investors with all the necessary data but the final decision will be made through the democratic process. Why should you invest right now?The year of 2020 and the pandemic has changed the world a lot and the world is growing digitally more than ever. Blockchain and AI are the two upcoming technologies which will be used in almost every business sector be it Health, education, finance etc. In the coming years, the sector will see tremendous growth and then it will become more difficult to invest but BCI is giving an opportunity to invest and be part of that growth to both investors and businesses who want to become part of the revolution.
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