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Blockchain community India (BCI) is the extensive and significant concept of 21st century. It is the first Decentralised, Open Source & Borderless community of India.

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Blockchain community India is the start-up of a new generation, which is about to start 11 traditional businesses, but our style of dispensing services and starting a business is distinctive.

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In blockchain community India we select 1000 partners who have business-oriented mindset and are foresighted with great vision. These partners promote these 11+ traditional businesses by having full control over their funds.

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Our Mission


  • Establishment of personal and close business relationships between members of the community
  • Representation and advocacy of our common interests
  • Consultation and provision of technical evaluation
  • Hackaton and conference support
  • Establishment of new prospective collaborations, exchange of ideas, technologies and experiences
  • Universal support for young specialists and project teams


Hello We Are The First Decentralized, Open Source & Borderless Community Of India, Who Assured To Dispense Their Service Distinctively And With Unique Motive.

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Blockchain community india is a voluntary borderless community of entrepreneurs, services, experts and blockchain enthusiasts.

Roadmap of BCI

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We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service while offering our employees the best training.

24 Dec


Artificial intelligence (AI)Artificial intelligence is developing at a very high speed, and the technology has already started becoming a part of our reality. AI is a technology that makes a machine or a computer program to think like humans.This technology is the most promising technological development in recent times. It is all set to shape our future more intelligently. This technology will make it possible for a machine or a program to do things that require human intelligence like problem-solving and learning.Machine learning (ML) is a part of AI. This language enables the machines to learn from examples. Deep learning (DL) is a part of Machine Learning that mimics the human brain behavior. Machines use DL to train themselves to perform tasks like humans.How is AI technology revolutionary?AI technology is making machines smarter, and now computers are increasingly doing more such tasks that could otherwise be done by humans only due to their human intelligence.Many people think that AI is specially developed to replace human skills and their daily work. However, the reality is that AI technology is being developed to make our lifestyles better by increasing productivity and making things faster and smarter.Things are developing at a higher speed, and we are ready to enter an era where man and machine will collaborate like never before, and this will make our lives more comfortable and smarter.Several countries have announced their national AI strategies to get the most out of this revolutionary technology.AI technology’s concepts Machine Learning (ML) is the most common application and a subfield of AI. A computer system that has machine language programming is fed data. The computer system uses these data to understand the patterns to make decisions or predictions. Machine learning is the most in-demand IT skills of today’s time.Deep Learning (DL) is another concept of AI. It is more powerful and requires much more computing power. This language aims to make machines think like humans. It is more potent than ML and involves a lot of data but provides more accuracy.There are mainly three types of algorithms – Supervised learnings, Unsupervised learnings, and Reinforcement learning. These algorithms can accurately find out if the prediction is accurate or not. For example, if you provide an algorithm, thousands of videos and images of cats and dogs. The algorithm will learn about both the animals using the pictures and videos and will use this learning to predict whether a new image or video fed into the system is of a cat or dog.
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24 Dec


What is Blockchain technology? Blockchain means a chain of blocks. Here, a block is digital information that is stored in a public database called the chain.The blocks on the Blockchain contain all the information of the transactions, which include a dollar amount, date, and time. It also has information about who is participating in the trade, which means it stores data of the seller and buyer. The names stored are not the actual names, but the digital signatures like a username. The storage capacity of a single block is 1 MB of data.Blockchain is a chain of multiple blocks connected in a network. How Does Blockchain technology work? Whenever a transaction happens in the Blockchain, the deal gets verified. The network of computers confirms the details of the purchase that is the participants, dollar amount, and time. Once the transaction is verified as accurate, all these transaction-related information gets stored in a block. Then, the neighborhood gets connected to hundreds or thousands of blocks.The block gets the hash of the most recent block added to the chain, and then it gets added to the Blockchain.When the new block gets added to the Blockchain, it becomes publicly available, and anyone can view this new block. If you see Blockchain, you can see the transaction data, which includes the time that is when the transaction happened, where (the height), and who added the block to the Blockchain. What is so special about blockchain technology? Blockchain is a democratized system. The network has no central authority. The network is peer to peer, and the blockchain ledger is distributed. There is no central server or primary storage. Anyone and everyone in the system can see the information. Blockchain technology is transparent for everyone, and every involved person in the network is accountable for their actions.There is no transaction cost involved in such a network. Due to this special feature, technology has industry-disrupting capabilities. Blockchain can replace all business models and processes that depend on charging any transaction fee.Blockchains can revolutionize the financial world. This technology can change how the stock exchanges work, the insurances contracted, and loans are bundled.  Why is the blockchain technology promising? The technology provides incredible security, which is almost impossible to break. The information travels in a very secure manner with no transaction cost involved. If one wants to change a piece of original data, they need to hack the entire chain, which is virtually impossible. 
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24 Dec


Future of Blockchain and AI technologyBoth this powerful technology is going to shape our future. Blockchain is the decentralized, distributed, public ledger. It is the record-keeping technology. AI is the technology that makes a machine or program more intelligent and capable of doing works that otherwise, only humans can do.What future holds for blockchain technology?This technology has been in the news with its positive and negative speculations regarding its future. Multiple digital currency projects are already dead. The expert says that’s just the initial phase of boom and bust, and this powerful technology is soon going to find its place into the economy.·     Blockchain provides decentralized and widespread distributed data models. This technology is promising to make a world where data will be increasingly distributed. The critical data will be distributed among geographical areas and cloud data centers.·     DLT- based government systems are already developing fast. Dubai is working towards making all its government systems to follow DLT technology by the year 2020. It indicates DLT technology growth shortly.·     The future shows the collaboration and standardization of different blockchains. Now various businesses are developing their blockchains, but for getting the maximum out of the technology, they must collaborate in an open standard. Future of AI technologyLike computers and the internet changed our lives like never before. AI promises to change almost all aspects of our daily life. ·     The US Transportation Department is already making regulations to support AI-driven vehicles. Such cars will not require any driver and are considered to be safe. ·     They have developed three levels of self - driving vehicles. Right now, we are at the lowest level, which is Google’s version of the vehicle. This level requires a human driver to drive the car.·     The work is being done to achieve self-driving planes, taxis, trucks, and buses.·     AI and Robotics technology will create robots with intelligence. This two technology will also bring some revolutionary changes in the medical field, especially in helping disabled people. Cybernetic limbs could be almost as useful and efficient as the natural limbs as these limbs will be able to communicate with the brain.·     We have seen fully functional robots with human capabilities in some of the sci-fi movies. The robust robotic and AI technology can make this possible into the real world. However, such advancements in technology will take time. 
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